Reduce medical cost and ensure patient safety.

Cadence Rx utilizes strategies to reduce medical cost and ensure patient safety. This includes the benefit design, custom formularies, analytics, and clinical and patient engagement. The Cadence Rx business analytics solution measures patient adherence, medication therapy modeling, authorization tracking and patient and prescriber formulary adherence. Based on a core principle of innovation, Cadence Rx has built a reporting and analytics tool that is ahead of the market today. Offering our clients, a true transparent, interactive, and customizable business intelligence solution to drive improved content and decision making.

Interactive "Google" Search Capabilities

Cadence Rx has developed a robust reporting and data analytics platform designed to quickly provide insight into patient data, claim costs, medication therapy, case management metrics, pharmacy, prescriber patterns and any combination of clinical and business rules. Providing users with their own subset of data allows for immediate access to drug spend and utilization trends through a “Google” search experience. This provides our clients the ability to drill down to transactions and claim behavior in real time eliminating wait times for actionable information.

Service Focused

Our next generation technology platform was built from the ground up and based on years of experience because injured workers and their caregivers deserve personalized medication guidance and trusted clinical counsel before, during, and after their treatment. By developing a Search & AI-driven insights platform allows Cadence Rx to focus on customer service initiatives while providing an all-in-one Business Analytics platform directly to our customers.


Cadence Rx prioritizes patient health and improved outcomes above all else. Developing products, processes, and solutions designed to improve quality of care and patient safety represent core values for our organization. By providing customizable subsets of data allows us to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of medication management based on the unique requirements of each client.

Discover how Cadence Rx is breaking the paradigm of how prescription benefits are managed.