Cadence Rx Announces Partnership with BlueNet

TAMPA, FL., May, 12, 2020 — Cadence Rx today announced the partnership with Bluenet to deliver the Search & AI-driven insights platform powered by ThoughtSpot. The Cadence Rx platform is designed to drive a better patient experience, applying smart technology to drive improved content and decision making. Built on flexible cloud-based platform, providing scalability to accommodate growth and position the company at the forefront of technology, the Cadence Rx solution is designed to take advantage of cutting-edge capabilities leveraging machine learning and AI and utilizing critical services to seamlessly manage business continuity and future blockchain integration. 

“We realized that to establish and expand our business successfully, we needed to embrace innovation and emerging technologies from the onset,” says Artemis Emslie the President and CEO of Cadence Rx. “To remain focused on customer service initiatives, requires the partnership with an organization that could shoulder the responsibilities of providing all-in-one Business Intelligence Platform. We wanted to work with a provider that could offer us full range of Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Solutions powered by the most advanced technologies.”

Anthony LentiniCIO of Cadence RX, a strategic leader and IT visionary in Commercial Health & Workers’ Compensation who understands the value of partnering with a trusted technology team, states “Every member of our organization and our customers need access to insights to make data-driven decisions. ThoughtSpot is solving this problem with a radically different approach, driven by AI and search technology.”

Our next generation technology platform was built from the ground up and based on years of experience because injured workers and their caregivers deserve personalized medication guidance and trusted clinical counsel before, during, and after their treatment. Our patient-centric platform, in collaboration with ThoughtSpot, is designed to drive a better patient experience, applying smart technology to drive improved content and decision making. 

Cadence Rx prioritizes patient health and improved outcomes above all else.  Developing products, processes, and solutions designed to improve quality of care and patient safety represent core values for our organization while minimizing risk, avoiding complications, and reducing waste are at the forefront of our key initiatives. 

About Cadence Rx Cadence Rx is not just another PBM…Cadence Rx is the solution that elevates and expands the scope of pharmacy benefit management services available in today’s workers’ compensation market. For more information, visit or follow @Cadence_Rx on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Media Contact: Cadence Rx Marketing Department