PRESS RELEASE — Cadence Rx Announces Arrival of Workers’ Compensation Legal Expert Scott Brener

TAMPA, FLORIDA., March 3, 2021 — Cadence Rx is excited to announce its newest addition to the executive leadership team, Scott Brener, as Senior Vice Present of General Counsel.  Scott has devoted the past 25 years of his career to workers’ compensation, 15 of which have been specific to pharmacy benefit management. 

Scott’s personal history in workers’ compensation goes all the way back to 1994 when he began learning the intricacies of worker’s compensation at the regulatory level, helping to pass the 1995 Workers’ Compensation Reform Bill through the Minnesota legislature at the direction of then Governor Arne Carlson after learning that an uncompetitive workers’ comp system was driving essential businesses and jobs out of the state.  Decades later, his efforts in the state of Minnesota still drive their now successful workers’ compensation system.

As SVP, General Counsel for Cadence Rx, Scott Brener will bring with him extensive experience and know-how that is exclusive to an individual with his extensive background in such a rapidly evolving and intricate industry.  By helping to ensure understanding of and compliance with ever-changing government regulations and landmark court cases that affect injured workers, Scott brings with him to Cadence Rx the know-how and expertise to navigate a complicated and winding landscape to the benefit of case handlers, adjusters, clients, and injured workers alike.

“We, at Cadence Rx, are thrilled to have Scott come on board and contribute to our growth. Scott’s expertise is unfounded in the pharmacy benefit market today and will allow us the expertise and business acumen to navigate the workers’ compensation landscape today and in the future,” says Artemis Emslie, Founder and President of Cadence Rx.

About Cadence Rx: Cadence Rx is a nimble, service-focused workers’ compensation PBM leveraging over 100 years of expertise alongside a proprietary suite of next-generation technologies.  Commitment to service is the driving force behind Cadence Rx’s innovation, resulting in cost savings for clients and improved outcomes for injured workers.

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Media Contact: Cadence Rx Marketing Department